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Whiteley is green

While customers enjoy our stores, restaurants and the cinema, there’s a whole network of systems in place that are working hard to ensure the centre is safeguarding our environment:

  • We were awarded a BREEAM Excellent rating for environmental construction – both for our centre and cinema extension
  • Over 40,000 square feet of solar panels on the roof generate 400,000kwh of energy each year, fed into the national grid.
  • Water tanks beneath our car parks collect rain water to sustain our trees, significantly reducing the amount of mains water required for landscape upkeep.
  • There are now six electric car charging points at Whiteley.
  • We work with our retailers and restaurants to ensure over 90% of waste is segregated for recycling.
  • The remaining 10% is taken to a sorting facility where 90% is then salvaged for recycling and the remainder processed for energy recovery.

In creating sustainable solutions for everyday processes, we hope to ensure the enjoyment of Whiteley for future generations.   

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