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Autism Friendly Sessions

Some of the retailers in Whiteley have special times that could be beneficial to customers with Autism or sensory differences.

The Entertainer Quiet Hour

We have a quiet hour the first hour of every day. We turn the music off and dim the lights.


Our quiet hours are Wednesday 9am – 10am and Saturday 9am – 10am

Rock Up

Our SEN sessions run the first Monday of every month 18:30 – 20:00

Rock Up Whiteley online tickets – Products (

Clarks Quiet In-Store Fitting

Shoe shopping can be overwhelming for little ones. If you’d like to visit us during a time with fewer crowds, noise and bright lights, then we offer Quiet Time appointments.

To book this contact Clarks Whiteley or call 01489 581716.


We run a specific Autism Friendly Session at 11am on the first Sunday of every month.

In these sessions, the lights go down to half, the sound is a little quieter and there are no adverts or trailers. Just the film itself.

We always have these available for booking much further in advance than our regular films.


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