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WE are Whiteley

We want to let you know a little more about the people working in Whiteley right now. Whilst we may be unusually quiet at the moment, we thought you might like to know what we’re up to. These are the people working throughout this crisis to ensure our community gets what it needs and stays as safe as possible whilst doing it. They are our heroes.

This is Mark from Marks and Spencer. Mark is an in store trained baker and one of the people responsible for ensuring we all get enough bread throughout this pandemic.

Mark stepped up to keep working because he knows this gives someone else in the team the opportunity to step back and care for their dependants. As one of only a few trained bakers in store, the team have had to be flexible to ensure they are there to bake as often as possible to try and keep up with demand.

As well as bringing us our bread, Mark has also been taking care of his 81-year-old aunt in remission from cancer with regular food deliveries to her doorstep.

From us to you, thank you Mark.

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