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an illustration of the rabbit artwork


Whiteley 10th Anniversary Sculpture

The Whiteley Rabbit has arrived at its new home, but the bunny needs a name! We’d love for the local community to help us choose a name, so enter your suggestions on our Facebook or Instagram competition post, and if you’re suggestion is selected as our winning entry you could see it displayed proudly on a plaque alongside our sculpture!

The whiteley rabbit sculpture- a rabbit shaped sculpture in situ at the whiteley centre. It has patches of different blue colour on it and is on a green plinth.

To mark our 10th anniversary, we’re delighted to partner with Eco Artist and Designer – Sarah Turner – on creating a bespoke sculpture for Whiteley Shopping Centre.

Artist Sarah Turner next to the whiteley rabbit

Our 10th-anniversary sculpture design represents Whiteley’s personality and our core values.  We’re continually working to make a positive difference for our customers, communities, and environment through our sustainability initiatives, so it was important to us that our sculpture was made with sustainable and recycled materials. We’re also proud of Whiteley’s woodland heritage, and with 2023 being the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac – we felt a ‘Whiteley Rabbit’ was the perfect fit!

All of Sarah’s work is handmade from waste materials collected from homes and business, with a focus on upcycling common household waste materials which are causing the most environmental damage. Sarah works with plastic bottles, drinks cans, glass bottles and electronic circuit boards as her raw materials and repurposes them in a new and creative way.

Sarah’s eco designs have been exhibited internationally at prestigious shows in London, Milan, Paris, LA, and Baju.

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Here are some images of our sculpture in progress!


The rabbit sculpture shaped in wood




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