wagamama | plant pledge

every day, individually we make thousands of decisions. choices big + small. each one shaping our future. what we choose to fill our bellies with is the one choice, we believe that can change the world.

food is powerful. it sets our spirits alight, transports us through time + nourishes our soul. but what we eat is also the single most effective decision we can all make, to reduce our impact on earth+ our home is warming, quicker than originally warned. the time for us all to act is now. to be the change we wish to see. the answer, we’re assured by oxford researchers lies in plants. which is why, we’re committed to making half our menu meat-free by 2022

our plant-based journey began three years ago, when we launched the first vegan menu. we started by turning our most-loved dish vegan, bringing seitan to the high street + calling it vegatsu. working with vegan trailblazer + chef gazoakley, our menu said hello to a vegan ‘egg’

silky, rich kareborosuramen became a new vegan hero. we turned watermelon into soy-soaked tuna fillet. now, oyster mushrooms in a light, crispy coating, make a plant-based swap for our most popular side, chilli squid. + sticky, dripping-in-sauce sauce, vegan ribs are a new favourite on the bench. our mission to make plants irresistible will be restless + we won’t stop there

now, we’re asking if you’ll join our journey + make your own plant pledge for the planet. whether it’s finding a new go-to vegan side or eating plants exclusively. positive change can start small + begins with all of us. we know ordering a new favourite can feel risky, so we’ll make your small choice for positive change a little easier with a plant-powered gesture.

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