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We invited Kim and her family from Kids_and_me_adventures to #SeizeTheDay at Whiteley, here's what she had to say:

"With all the rubbishness of being stuck indoors over the pandemic, we were asked to show people how they can now ‘seize the day’ and have a full day of fun at Whiteley shopping centre. When you think of having a day out you wouldn’t normally choose a shopping centre, not with kids anyway, but at Whiteley you really can do it all.

We started the day off by conquering our fears and climbing up huge walls at Rock Up. With twenty six wonderful and wacky walls you really can challenge yourself. And for those who don’t want to climb quite as high, there is a great soft play here too.

After tackling the walls it was time to hit the shops. There are so many shops to choose from at Whiteley but first on the kids’ list was The Entertainer, as they were desperate to spend their pocket money. In The Entertainer there are aisles full of must-have toys and the prices are really reasonable. Definitely the place to visit when the kids give you their Christmas wish list.

Next, we wondered into Claire’s Accessories. My five year old daughter’s dream place! After looking at the rows and rows of sparkly hair accessories and jewellery, my daughter had the biggest smile when she realised she didn’t have to be too selective as you buy three items and you get another three free! My daughter now has the most decorated hair in her class!

We also popped into Next as my youngest’s feet have grown so quickly and I knew Next would have some great choices for new footwear. Two minutes in and she had decided that the coolest, light-up trainers were the way to go!

No trip to Whiteley would be complete without a trip to Flying Tiger. They currently have the greatest collection of Halloween treats and decorations and I challenged the kids to see who could find the weirdest item (there are quite a few!). My choice was the nose pencil sharpener, but the winner was definitely my son with the stick on moustaches, we laughed so much trying them on.

Around Whiteley, the decorations provide perfect photo opportunities. The grass bear is lovely and huge! There is also a train that you can actually sit on and have a ride around the shopping centre. Have you ever seen a shopping centre with its own train? Film fans are also taken care of as there is a Cineworld here with nine screens.

We finished the day with a meal at Frankie and Benny’s. My daughter had a pizza as big as her and after eating their delicious meatballs, I made sure I saved room for dessert. Definitely recommend the cookie dough.

So as you can see, whether your with family, meeting with friends or just treating yourself, Whiteley is definitely the place to visit and a perfect place to ‘seize the day’."


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